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To Learn Arabic
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since 1/3/2005
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About Us

Salaam / Peace from Damascus.

We are native Arabic teachers who teach both classical and colloquial Arabic.

Most of us have been teaching Arabic for many years since graduating from our university. We then began our training as Arabic teachers and learning other languages so that we can understand the student’s language logic, which helps us to work with the student’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Some of our teachers can speak English fluently (Ahmad Al Ahmed) and some have basic French, Persian and Turkish.

Our plan is to enrich our knowledge of languages, through learning more basic foreign language grammar like Dutch and Spanish. We enjoy teaching Arabic mainly to foreign students from all over the world.

We are known as patient and friendly teachers. Understanding of the students needs, and above all else we are highly qualified as Arabic teachers.

We are very proud about our non-Arab students who speak Arabic fluently from all over the world. They come from many nationalities returning home with wonderful Arabic.

To Learn Arabic
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