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Jobs in Syria We have got good contacts with many employers in various fields. This helps us offer our service to our students to secure jobs in Syria while they stay here in order to receive the following benefits:

1- Reduce or completely cover their stay and studying expenses.
2- Get the opportunity to meet local people and interact with them to improve their Arabic Language skills.
3- Enjoy many activities and learn more about the culture and people in Syria.

The Kinds of Offered Jobs

- Short Term ( more available two months minimum)
- Long Term. ( depends on qualifications)

In the following fields

- Translation from English into mother tongue (for non English native speakers)
- Correction and editing documents or books written in non-Arabic.
- Teaching Foreign Language (Mainly English) in some foreign language schools and centers or private tuition.
- Administration and office works for Syrian companies (require specific qualifications)

Please Contact us for availability for each,


- This service is completely FREE.
- Available for "To Learn Arabic" students or partners only.
- Not guaranteed for every request. Please contact us for availability and arranging..

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