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Our way in teaching

We consider our methods of teaching as superior to most language schools because of our extensive experience and number of years working with foreigners.  Our method varies depending on your learning style and skills, which can be quickly determined by our highly trained staff, and the type of curriculum you are interested in.  For example, some students are visual learners while others learn better through interactive participation.  Over the many years of teaching our school has accumulated a wealth of instructional materials that will advance the student regardless of their learning style.


Our curriculum is generally divided into three main categories:


Fusha:  The version of Arabic as used throughout the Arab world in media and higher education as well as in most written text. In the study of “Fusha”, we concentrate on all of the essential elements of learning, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Comprehension.  We place a good amount of emphasis on grammatical understanding and it’s proper use.  Our program insures the ability of our students to begin reading and writing within a very short period of time, then we build quickly upon this foundation to enhance the students speaking and comprehension skills. 


Colloquial:  "Ameya" which is the language spoken daily, is the local Syrian dialect as spoken in and around Damascus and is widely understood all over the Arab world mainly due to the popularity of the Syrian television programming.  The primary focus in our programs of “Ameya” are designed to get the student speaking and comprehending the local dialect as quickly as possible so they can make their way around and converse with locals in their daily routines.  While there is less emphasis on reading and writing, we still incorporate this into our program.  Grammar is also of less importance but we teach the skills necessary for your complete understanding of the Arabic language.


"MSA" the abbreviation for Modern Standard Arabic:  This is a spoken version of Arabic that falls between the "Fusha" and "Ameya" but is actually closer to the "Ameya" in many aspects.  The grammar concentrates primarily on gender and tenses and is much simpler and easier than "Fusha".


The language program you choose should be based on what you plan to use the language for.  If your approach is for academic reasons, or for traveling extensively across the Arab World, then the “Fusha” will be better suited for your use, however, if your intent is to learn language to make your way around Syria then the “Ameya” will be better suited for you.  As with any language program your length of available time for study will greatly influence how in depth into the program and language it is possible for you to go. 


Please see our Schedules as you think about which program is best for your Language learning experience.


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