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Colloquial Arabic Grammar

This file is written in standard Arabic, so it is required to have some skills in standard Arabic in order to be able to get benefited

Our private Arabic courses

Our courses can be for one student or more depends on the student’s wish.We consider:

1- Nahw: - Al Nahw Al Wadih, - Addoros Annahwyah – Sharh ibn Akil and some other books.

2- Reading: If students don not suggest their own books, we consider some short stories books that have good topics and rich practical vocabulary like – Adalatu Assama’a (the justice of heaven) – Al Hayatul Yaomyah (the daily life) - Tadabirul Kadar (the arrangements of destiny) – Kasasun nabiyn (the stories of prophets PBUT), and we consider some Sirahs’ books for those who might be interested in them.

3- Writing: After four weeks of tutoring, the student usually begins writing some subjects and articles on his own as homework, and through the following lessons we will read and correct the subject so that the student can learn from his mistakes and improve his abilities in writing and expressing oneself properly.

4- Conversation: We have prepared some booklets that touch the daily life, but every student is supposed to prepare headlines about specific topics he is interested in, so that makes it one of our topics through our conversation.

5- Sarf: We focuse on Sarf in a very practical method because we found that One usually spends a long time learning Sarf expending time and energy without obtaining the skills necessary for conversation.

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