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Saudi Arabia

Why should you choose the Arabian Peninsula to study the Arabic Language?
The Arabian Peninsula is a geographically distinct area in the Middle East which consists of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and several other smaller countries.  Its significance both regionally and internationally can be summed up in the following points:
Historical and Religious Importance:
The Arabian Peninsula is the original homeland of all Arabs. The present-day Arab population of 290 million is spread across 22 countries in Asia and Africa.
It is the birthplace of Islam, where Prophet Mohammad’s tribe, the Quraish, has lived for centuries. Though most of the Quraishi people have disseminated throughout the Arab world, some are still living in Saudi Arabia today.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like a magnet to which all Muslims in the world are drawn. They come on pilgrimage to the sacred city of Makah Al-Mukarrama to visit the mosque of the Holy Kaaba and the grave of the generous Prophet located in its heart.

Considering this, it is no wonder that the Arabian Peninsula is known as the "Mother of Arabs." As a visitor you will feel the spirit of history in this place and the richness of a culture which has flourished in the heart of the desert and continues to hold its deep secrets.

Cultural and Linguistic Importance:

For historical, political and also religious reasons, the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula have succeeded in preserving their cultural legacy from the cruel winds of time. Thus, their language has retained original vocabulary and many Arabic expressions have been lost in the north and west.


The nature of the Bedouin lifestyle itself offers a traditional Arabic environment that is largely unchanged. The people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believe that the responsibility to preserve the Arabic language sits on thier shoulders. They are, therefore, motivated by a sense of duty, as well as natural inclination towards generosity, honor and good­-will to others. They will assist anyone who wishes to learn this great language in every possible way.

The Economic Importance:

The deserts of the Arabian Peninsula form a veritable lid protecting oceans of oil  underneath them. As a result of this natural wealth, Saudi Arabia holds a significant place in the world economy. In addition to this, the economy has recently experienced remarkable growth, which can lead to a boom in availability of  jobs in all sectors. Despite all this, it is still a very affordable country to live in. You will find the prices cheap and the cost of living modest compared to the average income.

Our school has chosen to grow towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because we believe that it is an exceptional place to learn the Arabic language.  It is also generally acknowledged in the Middle East that the future is rising from this land, and we wish to offer you an opportunity to take part in it.

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