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Studying the Language

The Arabic language is exceptionally rich and may require several years to master thoroughly. However, this should not deter students from tackling it for there is no obstacle to obtaining some basic understanding in a relatively short time.

Time spent in the Arab World is by the far the most effective means to further one's knowledge of the language and its subtleties combined with an intricate knowledge of Arab customs and traditions. Even the barest knowledge of the language can open new doors for the visitor as usually Arabs are most impressed that you have taken an interest in their tongue.

Students of Arabic are endlessly pestered with the eternal question: "Why are you studying Arabic?" The implication is quite clear; that many perceive the language to be strange, unconventional, and absurdly difficult and can never make it as a mainstream language. Studying Italian for example is seen as conventionally acceptable, although being in global terms possibly less significant. Some even question Arabic's right to be called a modern language. It is important therefore to point out how useful and important the language is, and that it is not only a shame but a definite hindrance to have so few people especially Europeans who can converse in this truly great language.

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