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Comments of "To Learn Arabic" Students

Rasa & Robert Kent - USA

When we decided to come to Syria and study Arabic,
we were overwhelmed with all of the different options for schools. Ultimately, we decided on "To Learn Arabic" (TLA) and we are thrilled that we did. TLA has not only fulfilled our education goals but has also provided such a friendly environment that it has become our home away from home.
Being complete beginners, we were not sure how much colloquial Arabic we would be able to learn after 180 hours of class. Our teacher Ahmad estimated that after two months, we would be able to speak and sure enough, we are. TLA has offered us a great deal of flexibility in our coursework and given us the individual attention to make sure we feel at home. In addition to teaching us the language, TLA has answered our questions about the culture, history, people and even how to cook some local dishes. We came expecting only to learn Arabic but in the end, we will be leaving our second home and family. Thank you for your hospitality!

Rasa S Kent : [email protected]
Robert Kent Jr : [email protected]
Development Project Coordinator

Lars Døssing Rosenmeier - Denmark
[email protected]

As for my personal details: name: Lars Døssing Rosenmeier born: 1982 nationality: Danish,

I studied with Ahmad for 3 months in the spring of 2004. Ahmad helped me study for an exam in modern Arabic literature at The University of Copenhagen. He is an excellent teacher, extremely dedicated and patient. His understanding of the Arabic language, and how to convey this understanding to foreigners is very impressive.
I was already skilled in the basics of Arabic grammar, but he increased my knowledge and feel for the structures of the Arabic language. Furthermore I was particularly impressed with the improvement in my pronunciation and reading abilities. I went from a below average reading to a reading that my teacher in the university described as "creme de la creme". After the exam I received the highest mark given that year, in part thanks to Ahmad's excellent teaching.


Susan Morgan - The United Kingdom
[email protected]

Here are a few lines.." as a lone woman living in Damascus I couldn't have felt safer as everyone treated me with such kindness and respect. Ahmad Al Ahmed is patient, professional and helpful in every way. He is a skilled teacher and was sensitive to my needs as a student. That made learning not only enjoyable but I left having felt a real sense of achievement. "


Anselm Ibing - Germany
[email protected]

I think you will find it hard to find a better, more helpful and more generous teacher than Ahmad (and I have had many Arabic teachers!).
He is, apart from his excellent teaching qualities, a unique and interesting man with whom I very much enjoyed to spend my time.
He gave me a fast and deep insight into the secrets and mysteries of Arabic grammar and I was frequently astounded by is in-depth and specific knowledge of certain rules or individual words even.
Apart from all this he is one of the most honest people I've ever met and although I put him through an unnecessary and unusually huge amount of trouble, I am glad to be able to say: we're (still) great friends.
Thank you Ahmad

Anselm Ibing

Tom Johnson - USA
[email protected]

I came to Syria with no prior knowledge of Arabic, "To Learn Arabic" provided invaluable services not only in my acquisition of Arabic, but also in my acclimation of life in the Middle East.

USA Texas

Jennifer Smith - USA

Ahmad had been the best language teacher I have ever had. He is thoroughly knowledgeable in the Arabic language, and has great insight into teaching Arabic to foreigners.


Isa and Natascha

We studied Classic Arabic with Ahmad for one month in January 2007. We had three hours per day for five days a week. We had no previous knowledge about the language and started from scratch with the Alphabet. Before we started, Ahmad asked how many hours a day we could (and would) devote to studying and whether we are grammar-persons or not. We thought both questions very sensible. We decided together to do a grammar-based introduction to Arabic, but at the same time to focus on everyday situations. As we wanted to learn Arabic for travelling in Arabic countries, we did not practice much reading and almost no writing, instead focussing on speaking and listening comprehension. Ahmad has a very good understanding of grammar and - what is more important - is also able to convey it to his students. During our conversation lessons we greatly enjoyed his little personal stories. Together with sometimes heated discussions they kept us motivated to converse in a language that we knew only a few words of. We also got valuable insights through him into the Syrian way of life and into the religion. After leaving Damascus we travelled to Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Although the spoken language might somewhat differ from the Standard Arabic, our lessons with Ahmad had given us a good foundation and quite often we were able to work out the regularities in the dialect by ourselves. Although one month was, of course, not enough to really hold a conversation in Arabic, we can deal confidently with everyday situations.

To Learn Arabic
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